Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three days of shooting!

I'm on training this week and that means I'm out of the office, and very close to Assiniboine Park which has consistently been one of my favourite places to shoot. On top of this, a friend who bought a DSLR this year was also on the training.

So, for the last three days we've been taking off at lunch, walking over to Assiniboine Park, and shooting for 30-40 minutes. I've collected some favourite shots from the Conservatory, Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, and English Gardens.

There is a little landscape, macro, flowers, insects and a bit of people watching too. Enjoy!

Riverside Bench

English Gardens Flower

Monarch Butterfly


DLC Statue

Leo Mol - Sunny

Banana Stalk

AC Flower 1

AC Flower 2


English Gardens - People 1

English Gardens - People 2

English Gardens - People 3

As always, I welcome and value your comments and criticisms!