Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey guys!

No project, just some pictures from the backyard.

I figure you probably all forgot what my kids look like by this point, so what the heck. A couple from the backyard swingset, playing around with wide angles. Shot at ISO 100, 17mm focal length:

Sabrina on the swings

Marcus on the swings

This little guy has an elaborate little web on the kids slide and decided to stay still long enough for me to switch to my macro lens.

Slide Spider

A face only a mother could love. A horrible, drooling, furry spider of death mother anyhow.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the first two photo's! Your children are gorgeous. The third one however.. I am not a huge spider fan.. In fact, I have arachnophobia. So me and spiders are a no go. Haha. Great shot though!

  2. Thanks :) I like the kids, I think I'll keep them.

    As for spiders, I actually hate them too. I am making a point to shoot some Macros of them this year though, to try and get over that aversion. I'll try not to post too many here :D