Sunday, August 14, 2011

Om nom nom...

Something old and something new to post today. Pardon another kid pic, but this one is a rite of passage:

Rite of Passage

His first cob of corn! This is when it's officially summer, when you have butter and corn shmutz dripping down your chin.

I also realized I took some nice shots back in May that I didn't post. I work in Downtown Winnipeg, and the entire city centre was abuzz when the news leaked out the the deal to bring the NHL back to Winnipeg had been struck. I grabbed my camera and did a little photojournalism. Here are my favourite shots from that day:

Happy Fans

Walking to Portage and Main

Lady Chewbacca Loves the Jets

The Announcement

Shinny Time!

We're Back

MTS Stairway

Shinny Save!

Thanks for reading :)

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