Sunday, August 14, 2011

Om nom nom...

Something old and something new to post today. Pardon another kid pic, but this one is a rite of passage:

Rite of Passage

His first cob of corn! This is when it's officially summer, when you have butter and corn shmutz dripping down your chin.

I also realized I took some nice shots back in May that I didn't post. I work in Downtown Winnipeg, and the entire city centre was abuzz when the news leaked out the the deal to bring the NHL back to Winnipeg had been struck. I grabbed my camera and did a little photojournalism. Here are my favourite shots from that day:

Happy Fans

Walking to Portage and Main

Lady Chewbacca Loves the Jets

The Announcement

Shinny Time!

We're Back

MTS Stairway

Shinny Save!

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fort Whyte, macro style...

I know I've gone shooting at Fort Whyte Alive quite a few times, but it's a nice place just to go for a walk.

Today, to change it up I went with one lens only, the 60mm Macro. This sort of backfired since we had a windy day so flowers, bugs and the like were nearly impossible to get and keep in focus. Having said that, it made me look at my photo opportunities differently and got me thinking about how I was shooting again.

Here is just a sample of the shots from today, starting with the kids, and then a few flowers that I found striking in colour and texture.

Thanks for reading!

The Girl

The Boy

Purple Flower Textures


Four days of shooting this week. Must be something wrong with me!