Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry that my posting has been rather erratic lately, lots going on, life gets busy, etc...

I've pretty much accepted that my Project 365 is going to be 365 pictures in about 450 days, but I am still frustrated on the days I can't shoot. My advice to others starting this sort of project is not to underestimate the amount of time that you will really end up investing in this day after day. I love the hobby but it's a slog to get through it!


  1. This is pretty much why about 1/2 the pictures that I post are relatively crap. I try to take a picture everyday. But, like today, it is 9:20 PM and I have not had time to even think of taking a picture. I will take a picture of SOMETHING before 10 PM, though! It just won't be beautiful.

  2. I know the feeling :)

    In some ways I understand that forcing yourself to take a picture forces you to find inspiration and imagery everywhere. The flip side of that is that forcing yourself to take a shot will result in some shots that aren't very good.

    I'm thinking the Project 52 will probably generate a better set of photos, but I'm not sure that the photographer coming out the other end of the project will be the better for it.