Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project something-something-something...

As should be painfully obvious, I am really not able to keep up the Project 365 pace these days. I enjoy shooting every time I get my camera out, and I'm learning each time, but there are just too many demands on my time right now.

There is just not enough time in the day to allot an hour or more to shooting, editing, and posting a picture with two young kids in the house, a job, and a wife who works from home in the evenings. I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, but at this point I'm prepared to admit that I can't keep it up for the remaining 180 or so days.

So, my point (finally). I will shoot, edit and post as frequently as time allows and as inspiration permits. I will continue this blog, and I will continue to try and support my business. I will continue to enjoy photography as often as I can, but I am no longer going to frame my goals as a photographer with an arbitrary requirement to shoot daily.

I appreciate everyone who reads this blog, and I'll continue to document my learning journey for as long as anyone cares to follow along.



  1. I completely understand how you feel. If you feel a lot of pressure doing it, then it is missing the joy. I feel pressure to take a shot every day (some shots are uninspiring crap). I definitely don't even download my pictures every day. When I have time, I will spend an hour downloading and posting. I don't do much processing at all because I don't have the time. I feel like I am surviving. But - at the same time - I feel like I am becoming a better photographer because of this. I know that you are also. You have some amazing shots.

  2. Yeah I am dancing that fine line where it's starting to feel like work and that is not a path I am going to stay on. I'm enjoying this hiatus but I still have the itch to shoot. It's a better mindset.

    Thanks for the kind words though. It really is appreciated!