Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm down with the Geckos.

Today was a busy day, but I told myself to take some time to shoot something. As I was feeding all the animals in our zoo before settling in for some quality couch time, I decided to quickly set up my lightbox and have some one on one macro time with our smaller Crested Gecko, whom my dear Daughter has thoughtfully named 'Duck'. The big one is 'Drake' by the way. I blame my wife's genes.

I call this shot, "Gecko on the Edge!"

Gecko on the Edge

Duck is sitting on the tip of my index finger in this shot, so that should give you a sense of scale. I like the sharpness of that rented 70-200mm, but this 60m Macro is just freaking razor sharp. There is detail in this shot that is hard to make out with the naked eye.

The second shot I liked from tonight is called 'Thumbs up for Geckos!"

Thumbs up for Geckos!

Yeah, that's my thumbnail. Yeah, that's not pretty.

Anyhow, in this shot, I like to imagine he's looking back at the camera with a knowing smile for all the Gecko ladies out there. Aw yeah...

Once again, by the way, the Speedlite was invaluable. The 60mm and 580EX II are both proving to be very good purchases.

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