Friday, November 6, 2009

More macros!

I selected a few of my favourite shots from the rest of the night of macro shooting with my friend Paul. There were 40 keepers in total, so not a bad haul.

Once again, this is really a gallery of Paul's painting, not my photography, but it was a great learning experience!

To give you an idea of the scale of these pieces, here is a Napoleonic infantry unit in 25mm scale, with Paul's hand for reference:

Napoleonic Gunline for scale

Now here is the full unit so that you can see the detail in the modeling and painting:

Napoleonic Gunline

Check it out in full size on Flickr to get a better idea of the detail.

From the same scale, a unit of Saracen Cavalry:

Cavalry Unit

I used the blue backdrop to make more of a scene for this shot, but it really, really affects the available light. Speedlite to the rescue!

Finally, two shots of some of his western era miniatures. First, a Saloon and one of it's, um, employees:

Western Saloon And Gal

Second, a gang of western hoodlums:

Western Gang

Thanks once again to Paul from Saber's Edge for providing me a chance to play with my new toys, and thanks for reading my blog! Comments are always wanted and welcome!


  1. hi can u tell me what make and scale r those saracens thnks

  2. 28mm scale, and I think they are made by Foundry?

  3. hello thanks 4 your reply but I am certain they r not made by foundry even just by looking at them. the horses and the sculpting detail are not close to foundry standard. Thanks much anyways