Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not much shooting again...

A busy week last week, a busy week this week, topped of with an emergency run out for a new crib last night. Thanks so much Storkcraft. Being heavily addicted to Dragon Age: Origins is not helping much either!

I do have some ideas for some more lightbox shoots, so I'm planning on setting aside at least a few nights next week. I might manage another walk around at work this week too, although the temperatures are falling rapidly around here...


  1. My main lens (the kit one) died on my ancient camera (it's mysterious and no one seems to know what happened) so I've been non-shooting as well. Hoping to buy a replacement lens of some sort next year. :)

    We're Warcraft addicts here. Game on!

  2. Sorry to hear that Jenny! Time to pick up a cheap prime if you don't already have one.

    I did WoW with my wife for a few years, and once our daughter was born we managed to kick the habit. Still gamers, but nothing quite so involving and time intensive! I do miss my Orc Warlock :)