Friday, July 9, 2010

Engagement pics - Round 2!

I'm late posting these, but these shots were all done and processed last night. I was just too bagged to get them posted! Still these qualify for day 165 ;)

The Bride
R&M - Bride Portrait

The Groom
R&M - Groom Portrait

The Ring
R&M - The Ring

She said yes!
R&M - She said yes!

Dancing lessons pay off!
R&M - Dip!

Holding hands
R&M - Hands

All shot on the muslin backgrounds with the 17-55 which I am really finding I use all the time for portraits now. It's plenty sharp, good contrast, and for full-body work it's a good focal length range for indoor use.

I took a variety of shots of them sitting as well, but the muslin really lets me down here. If I blow it out to white, the subject gets massively overexposed. If I expose to subject well, the muslin is gray and wrinkled. I can't clean it up well enough in post to make it look good *and* natural. I may have to bit the bullet, clean a section of the basement out and buy paper or vinyl. Muslin is portable, but for full body shots it's a continual problem.

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