Monday, July 5, 2010

Stand out!

Day 163 and I was screwing around with glass and lights again. Being back home I could mess with all my toys again, so I had a bit of fun browsing around Flickr for inspiration. One shot that I really liked was this one which is just wine glasses and lighting.

The clever perspective really appealed to me, but I wanted a little more interest beyond the lighting. As such, I messed around with the elements of the shot and changed up the lighting.

Here is my shot for today:

Stand Out

There are a couple of keys to this shot, the biggest being a small aperture and a wide angle. This was shot at 17mm at the minimum possible distance so the focus was crisp across the whole shot and the perspective was exaggerated. I also let the background drape and throw shadow a bit since pure white tended to lose the details. I both like the hint of gray, but I admit that in some ways I dislike it since it comes across a bit 'dirty'. Perhaps shooting on just gray would have been a bit better. The raspberry was just for a hit of colour and interest, which I think the shot needed.

Lighting was an LP120 above at half power using the SB3 softbox, and an LP160 on either side at 1/8th power shooting through the sides of the lightbox. ISO 100, 1/250th shutter at f/16.

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