Sunday, July 4, 2010

Engagement pics, rounds one!

Today I did the first round of my pictures for my friends who are getting married in two weeks. They are looking for photos to display and project at the reception, so I guess these would be considered engagement photos.

I'll be doing another series with studio lighting on Thursday night, so I get two days of my project 365 out of the deal :)

Our first stop was St. Vital park:

R&M - Bench by the lake

R&M - Park walkway

R&M - In the park

R&M - Park bench

R&M - By the lake

I liked this set quite a bit. Lots of shade to shoot in, lovely backgrounds and a variety of benches, stones and the like to use as props.

After we arrived home, we wondered over to the local community club and hit the playground. These shots were much more challenging with no shade to speak of, and much more urban backgrounds, but we were just having fun here. I did a fair bit of low perspective and wide angle here:

R&M - Playground slide

R&M - Hard drivin'

I'm currently waiting to hear how they like them!

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