Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charge of the scooter brigade!

Well, I managed a shot I'm not completely embarrassed by ;)

Went for a walkabout at lunch today, hoping to spot one of our colourful downtown buskers, or something a little grittier but I didn't turn up much. On the way out though, the scooter brigade had lined up their crafts neatly, and I found an angle that I liked.

Scooters at work

This shot is heavily cropped, the original shot I took included almost the whole bodies of the scooters, but I thought the 'odd-man-out' line of headlights looked better tightly cropped. I've read that a picture should tell a story, and I don't know if I achieved that here, but this cropping gives a stronger point of interest compared to the uncropped shot.

The DOF worked out well enough, but in hindsight I should have cranked down the aperture and tried to get sharp focus across all of them. Not a great shot, but if I am going to learn, you have to put the bad out with the good.

I'd like to thank those of you that are following and reading this blog. I hope that I've made it worth your time, since there are a hundred thousand photoblogs out there. Your comments are always welcome and wanted!

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