Friday, September 25, 2009

Downtown walk-around.

One of the nicer buildings downtown is owned by Canwest Global, a large media company that is headquartered in Winnipeg. It's a standard modern concrete and glass building, but it was designed with a nice combination of straight and curved elements that provide some nice views.

Canwest Global building, from Portage

This is the view from across Portage Avenue. The flags at the bottom of the frame run along the first block or so of Portage Avenue, and I couldn't quite frame them the way I would have liked. Still it's my first good architecture/building shot.

Canwest Global building, front view

This is the aspect of the building you see from Portage and Main. I want to kill whatever yahoo decided to run a power line across the front of the building. I would really love this shot if it wasn't there, and frankly, I don't have the post-processing software or knowledge to remove it. Boo.

One more shot from my walk-around:

Post No Bills!

Let me put it to you this way: If a surface downtown can be stapled, it will be stapled. I think this is the case for any downtown, but there are few such places in the heart of downtown, so those that do exist get billed and tagged a lot.

Not my best week of shooting overall. A bit of a letdown after the zoo, but they can't all be great weeks.


  1. GIMP is free photo processing software that can help you remove that powerline! In fact, my practice photograph for cloning is a picture of a winery in Greece with a powerline running across the front. I just googled something like, GIMP CLONING TUTORIAL and worked from there. It took time, but I eventually got to the point where I could clone out things like powerlines pretty effectively.

    Nice architectural shots.

    And anything is bound to be a disappointment after returning the $2,000 glass! Ha ha!

  2. Yeah, I do need to up my post processing skills. Currently I'm doing my colour correction on my laptop and I'm doing it with the trackpad, so you can imagine that this is hardly the ideal setup.

    I'll grab GIMP and a mouse for the laptop today and start trying to edit up that picture. It need a slight recropping too as I noticed it is off-centre after I posted it.

    And yeah, I miss that lens. There is one for sale here in the city for $1,650 but there is just no way I can swing it with my wife on maternity leave. When tax time rolls around, I'll have to feed my L-fever!

    Thanks for commenting, Jenny!

  3. I love GIMP and I use it all the time. I'm getting pretty good at it. Check out the old green car on my blog, I took the photo in a parking lot full of people and ugly buildings, I took them all out. It took some time, but I liked the result.

    I am seriously considering getting a WACOM tablet, but I have to make sure it works under Linux first. Which is the OS I use.