Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the nice guy...

I want to do some more urban photography, as I find it particularly compelling. Today I thought I had a chance at an interesting shot.

One of the more colourful buskers downtown sets up on a stool with her back to a major roadway and plays a bongo drum. She's not good at it, in fact she's downright awful. Having said that, she might make for an interesting subject for a motion-blurred shot. I considered the various compositions and thought of one that I liked should the opportunity present itself.

Well, today as I went to pick up lunch, she was there. I had my camera, so I thought I would give the shot a try. Now, I was raised to be polite (most of the time) so I thought it only appropriate to ask her if she minded me taking a few pictures. Well, she seemed skeptical at first, but I noticed her sign said that vegetarian food was appreciated. Feeling somewhat of a kindred spirit moment, as my family is vegetarian, I offered to buy her lunch in exchange which she gladly accepted.

Well, one veggie burrito and a Pepsi later and she decided that she didn't want her picture taken after all. Nice. I was well within my legal rights to shoot her anyhow as she was in a public place, and in a crowd, but I would feel like a jerk in doing so.

So a nice gesture that didn't exactly work out, and a $5 lesson learned. I guess I can't complain, as she clearly looks like she needs the help anyhow, but I didn't like the manner in which she handled herself. I took some architectural shots instead, so maybe I have a keeper there. I'll look this evening.

Maybe I should have just given her the $5 instead. For drum lessons.


  1. Aw, that really sucks. Nice approach though. I wouldn't throw that out. I bet it works more often than not.

  2. I won't, I was just disappointed at the time.

    In hindsight, I helped someone that could probably use it. If she had let me take the picture I should have seen as a bonus, not a requirement.