Thursday, June 10, 2010





(Guess who dictated tonight's photo subject?)

So, a chance to take a pretty simple shot and play with it. In this case, I wanted to throw a shadow given the interesting shapes of the rib cage, spine and tail. Initial attempts threw were pretty weak looking, so I brought the light quite high camera right and fully zoomed, although not snooted. This threw a sharper shadow that I was able to keep in the frame, but the shadows also obliterated detail on the 'skeleton'. The solution is another speedlight just to camera left, handheld in this case for convenience.

In post processing I just had to remove one crease in the gray backdrop, and then I muddied the colour down and hiked the contrast a bit. Just a bit of fun with a simple shot.

Blogger also finally has some templates that will support a 500 pixel wide main column, so I switched to this one. I tend to like the darker background and it makes the post tags and comments a little more visible.

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