Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation time...

Hello my beloved and faithful readers! (Both of you!)

For the next two weeks or so, my family and I will be visiting my parents out of province so there will be a bit of a slowdown in posting. Tonight is picture-free, and tomorrow likely as well as the whirlwind of packing and travelling will devour all of my free time like a pack of locusts.

All is not lost though, my parents live in a nicely forested area so bird and animal shooting is likely to be good, and there will be trips to the Metro Toronto Zoo, the Royal Ontario Museum, and some other photo-friendly places. So, while I will be inconsistent in posting, I won't go completely silent.

It should be a nice trip and I'll be dragging most of my kit with me, minus my backgrounds and most of the lighting gear. I've booked a studio for a day of shooting with my nieces as well, so I'll have a day with studio lighting as well.

Cheers for now!

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