Friday, June 11, 2010

Lose a flower, gain a picture!

Day 155 of my Project 365. Friday. At long last.

When I got home, I discovered a nice bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. Flowers that used to be growing in the backyard. How nice of my daughter to harvest them for us.

Oh well, got a picture out of it at least!

Purple Aster

This is a Purple Aster, and fortunately there are several blooms left in the backyard. This wasn't the original pose that I had in mind, but she wouldn't sit still so a bunch of random shooting finally turned up one that was a keeper. I'm trying not to abuse the white background, so this was shot against the pink wall in her bedroom. Still bright, but there is a complementary tone to it.

This was shot with a key light to camera right, fired through a LumiQuest Softbox III which I have been waiting for on backorder for a little while now. It's small, but better than a bare flash and a bit more controllable as far as light spill than an umbrella. It's designed to be small enough to be used on-camera, and it fits nicely on the 580 on the 7D.

Fill light was from an LP160 to camera left, with a shoot through umbrella. ISO 100, 1/250th shutter at f/3.2. Both lights were firing at 1/8th power.

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