Thursday, April 15, 2010

At the crossing...

Day 105 was a day of good omen. There is a pair of shots that I have been wanting to get for at least two months now, and it was going to totally depend on dumb luck (or more planning that I care to do right now) to get them. Well, today I got dumb lucky.

At the Crossing - 1

At the Crossing - 2

Basically, I go through this train crossing twice a day to and from work, and it's suitably industrial on one side to be urban-grungy while also being adjacent to housing on the other side and as such, isolated enough to shoot without a lot of distractions getting into the shot.

These shots were both taken handheld, so I was leaning against the signal for the shot down the length of the train at 1/15th shutter, and against my car for the shot with the signal at 1/13th shutter. Without the extended shutter speed, these shots wouldn't work so I'm glad I was able to keep still enough with a mono-pod or some such.

Finally, this was not planned as a monochrome set of shots, but the sky was just *dead* today. Good for light, but bad for colour, and it totally dominated the shot and killed the tones in the train. Monochrome seems to allow the subject to stand out better, so I made the switch.

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