Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project 365-ish?

I didn't manage a good shot yesterday. I did shoot, but there was nothing worth keeping. On most nights, I wouldn't let that go and I'd try a few other shots, but I was dealing with the combination of a sick child not sleeping, surgery for my infant son coming up on Thursday, a deadline to finish my Cancer Society canvassing, and throwing my back out. Not a fun day. Today went a little smoother.

Today's shot was inspired by a shot taken for a DPS weekend photography challenge, which had the 'High Contrast Black and White' theme. The shot I liked and wanted to emulate is this one which is a simple shot of black face cards.

I went a little different with my shot, introducing a little colour and changing up the cards themselves. I went with the "Dead Man's Hand", Aces and Eights:

Dead Man's Hand

I allowed a little shadow to show, and cranked the black levels. These cards are old, scratched and yellowed a bit so an increase to the contrast was also needed to push the cards themselves to pure white. I like the effect, with almost a 'halo' of shadow. The red also adds a little more zip.

I like both shots, so I'm happy with this. I'll attempt to keep up my shooting for the rest of the week, but depending on my little guys' surgery goes, I may slip a little more on the '365' part of my Project 365.

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