Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two for one...

I was current on my shots this weekend, but editing and posting fell behind, so this is day 99 and 100 of my Project 365. And what a very busy weekend it has been!

For day 99, I was once again contemplating the glory of coffee, as my much beloved, but ill-sleeping son continues to drive me back to the blessed brown bean for it's concentration of caffeinated comfort.

Care for a refill?

This shot actually wasn't what I was planning shooting, but as I was pouring the beans into the mug, I liked the scattering beans as it filled and then spilled out. I shot a few exposures at this stage, and I kind of liked this one. I never got around to doing the shot I planned.

For day 100, you might think I would do something special, after all 100 is a big, round number and big round numbers are special. Well, it didn't work out that way, because of this MetaFilter comment. I had friends over, and we made this horrific dish.

Behold, the horror that is... GREASY HONKY PIE:

Greasy Honky Pie

No all pictures need to be beautiful, right? Also, my arteries are weeping.

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