Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just smoke, no mirrors...

Hello my friends, and welcome to episode 98 of 'Stupid Dave Tricks!'

Tonight, your intrepid host set up a couple of flashes with red and blue gels, his lightbox (as a background), and started burning some incense. All of this for more smoke shots, but with a colourful twist!

Tickling the Dragon's Tail


These shots are basically all about the setup. The background is white, but illuminated with a blue-gelled flash to the subject left. This flash was set to very low power, 1/32nd. On the right, a red-gelled strobe illuminates the smoke at high power, 1/4th, and it is snooted to prevent too much light bleed on the background.

Fun shots, but like a lot of these setup shots, I took a *lot* of exposures to get a few that I liked. Focus issues are part of the problem, but the random nature of the smoke also means that you are going to do a little spray-and-pray and hope for good results. I like both shots and I have at least two more that I'd consider keepers, so overall it was a good night.

On the downside, if any cops come over and sniff the air, I am so getting busted.

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