Monday, April 12, 2010

Hot Stuff!

Day 102, and I set aside an hour and a half to do tonight's shot. There is a marked difference in quality between my 'shots' and the ones that I really sit down, plan out, and execute. Tonight, I wanted to take a few of the techniques I've worked on over the last few weeks and make a shot that really popped.

I think I got it:

Hot Stuff

The dimensions are weird on this one as opposed to my standard 2:3 or 4:5 ratio shots, so it's pretty small here, click through to Flickr for a better look.

I've combined the black reflective box style with a gelled flash smoke shot, with a fiar bit of post processing for colour and masking out imperfections in the background. There is a red gel on the left side and a yellow on the right, aimed slightly higher to make a gradient of colour and mimic flames.

Honestly, I love this one. The hot sauce is excellent too. High fives all around!

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  1. This encouraged me go out and buy burritos. :)