Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day photo!

Day 112, April 22nd is Earth Day, and I had a few ideas for shots. I wanted to do a small collage of things we do at our house to make a difference. However, tonight is also the first round of the NFL draft, and I am a die-hard Lions fan, so I had to scale back a bit.

I did manage to get one shot of something that we do with our son to make a difference: cloth diapers!

Cloth Bummocks

Trying to go higher lighting, more high-key in look. I have to learn to balance this with the skin tones, but it worked fairly well I think. This shot had two brolly'd speedlights, the 580EX II at 1/4 power and the LP120 at 1/2, both roughly 45 degrees from my son on a white muslin backdrop. Shot at ISO 100, f/4, 1/200th shutter.

Of course when my daughter saw this all set up, she insisted on getting a picture too. Being a goofy 4 year old, she was running around shirtless, so I went with the idea of vulnerability as a focus, and tried to get her to settle a bit and looked for a more sombre moment to shoot.

This is that shot:

Spotlight Hog

Same sort of issue with the skin tones, but I think it works for this 'type' of shot. I was dialing around my settings on the fly as she moved about, and I wanted I tighter DoF, so this shot was taken at 1/80th, at f/3.5. She was slightly further away from the lights as well, so that accounts for some of the variation in the camera settings as well.

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