Monday, February 15, 2010

Every picture should tell a story!

Day 46 of Project 365 and it was one of those days where the subject was easy to select.

I have read in many places that every picture should tell a story, and here is my story for today:

The scene is: Last night, midnight. My wife has just put the dude back to bed after a snack. He seemed a bit chilly when she picked him up, so we check the thermostat. It's two degrees below the set temperature. Fiddling with the furnace and breakers only manages to get it to run for a half hour or so before it cuts out again, but the house stays warm enough that we wait until today.

Today is, of course, a provincial holiday with all of the associated on-call rate increases. Guy from the furnace place comes out, spends two hours, finds this:

Six Hundred Dollars

I title this picture: Six hundred dollars.

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