Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I won't quit my day job...

My day job is in downtown Winnipeg. I have a really good job: It pays well, I enjoy the work, and most of the people I work with are good folks. The building I work in also has a little interest, but I've never been able to shoot it satisfactorily.

For day 41, I decided to try again and post it no matter what:

Blocky Building

The building is studded with these blocky little buildouts, and while it's not exactly Frank Lloyd Wright, the angles and lines are interesting. This is the best shot I have managed of it to date, and that's not saying much unfortunately. Compounding the issue is that with the sun staying so low in the sky this time of year, you get a heavy shadow somewhere all day long.

I do like the blue/gray tones, the reflection of the next building over on the top row of windows, so it's not a total loss. Perhaps later in the year, I can do a better job. It's a challenge I'll make sure to come back to.

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