Thursday, February 11, 2010

I (Heart) Chocolate

Day 42, and it's almost Valentine's day. Thus, the stores are packed with candy and knicknacks in a million shades of red. Naturally, a young man's thoughts wander to the various ways he can attempt not to disappoint his wife this year.

A secret Valentine project has begun, but I dare not speak of it here, since my good lady wife reads this blog. Instead, I shall throw out another Valentine's inspired photo, courtesy of the candy that was purchased for my Daughter's pre-school class:

I (Heart) Chocolate

Is there anything that says Valentine's Day more than a heart made of hearts that are made of chocolate and are also suckers? I do not think so.

ISO 100, f/20, 1/200th shutter in the lightbox. 580EX II to the right at 1/4 power, and the LP-120 on the left at 1/2 power, fired with the Pocket Wizards.

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