Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zombies lurk here...

Day 49 dawned without a dawn. That is to say, I noticed that it was quite dark as I wandered out to the car this morning. A very heavy mist had rolled in, and visibility was limited to about two hundred feet or so. In the middle of the winter, this was a bit unexpected.

So, apologies to my carpool for running late today, but I got my project shot early!

Zombies Lurk Here

ISO 100, .8 second shutter, f/8 at 55mm focal length on the kit lens.

Now, IS or no IS, a .8 second exposure is tough to handhold, but I wasn't going to run in for my tripod. In some instances, a little blur is not a bad thing, and I think this is one of those instances.

I really debating posting this shot at all, because in some way I think I've had 'sharpness' drilled into my head as a standard for a 'good picture'. Anything with a slightly missed focus, movement blur, handshake or whatever has been summarily discarded unless it was intended. I actually managed a shot of this scene with a better focus and less blur, but this is the one I came back to, this is the one I like, this is the one that feels claustrophobic, hurried, and lost.

This is the one that the zombies lurk in.

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