Friday, February 26, 2010

Preparing for tomorrow...

Today is day 57 of my Project 365, but tomorrow is what I am excited about. One of our local pros, Dan Harper is holding a portrait lighting seminar tomorrow, and I've signed up as a shooter for the event. Four hours, three models, and a studio full of pro lighting equipment. I can't wait!

Needless to say, today was spent preparing. Charging batteries, clearing off my memory card (I should really get a spare), looking at some example shots, and of course SPENDING MONEY.

New Toy Joy

I paid a visit to the local camera shop, and came home with an EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. It followed me home like a lost puppy, or at least that's what I told my wife. I'm not sure if she bought it.

Anyhow, I do plan on upgrading my body if the business does fairly well, but this lens was in the plans no matter if I go with the 7D or 5DMkII. It will help me now as well, so I picked it up to have on hand tomorrow.

Tomorrow's shots should be portraits from the shoot!

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