Friday, February 5, 2010

Luck and the amateur photographer...

Day 36 and I got lucky.

My initial thought was to mix oil in coloured water and shoot it in a glass to see what sort of patterns I could get. The results were AWFUL. Curved glass just reflects too much, and I could never quite get the focus right. Ugly pics, pretty much a write-off.

Well, knowing I have had some good luck shooting top down, I took one or two shots. I got lucky.


I just love the patterns in this, and it looks like the surface of a star to me. I just really, really like this shot.

There has been some post processing on this. The flash was not set up to take the image top down, so it threw some harsh red light on the lower right, although the rest of the background was pure white, so I cleaned that up in GIMP.

I shot this with the 60mm, since the 24-70 and I didn't get a chance to walk around today. The next three days are going to be big ones for me, and I hope that I can share some reasonably decent portrait work with you!

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