Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's not such a bad rut...

Day 16, and maybe I'm in a rut.

After a long day of dealing with the kids, working, running errands and the like, I often don't find time for 'destination' shooting. By that, I mean that I often have shot nothing and I have no time left to go out and shoot. So, I've been doing a *lot* of shooting in my lightbox. For a little while, I worried about this. Am I really learning and growing as a photographer shooting little objects in a box in the basement?

I looked at yesterdays shots, and realized as I was composing today's shot that I am learning. Case in point, my new wireless triggers are defective, and I wanted to do a top-down shot in the box. I was able to stop and think through how I would light this, and defuse the light well without being able to go off-camera. My guesses about the manual settings were almost dead on both on the camera and the flash, and I managed to get a shot that looked like what I wanted with only four or five clicks of the shutter.

So, maybe my shots are a little same-ish lately, but that's okay. I'm getting better at them, and what I learn here I will take with me the next time I go out to shoot.

Today's subject is sliced and stacked starfruit:

Starfruit Sunburst

There is a little more shadow than I would have liked here, but I didn't notice it in PP until I exported the JPG. I'll watch more closely for it next time. I would have re-shot the Starfruit but I ated it.

Final exposure was ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/100th shutter.

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