Monday, January 4, 2010

Story time by the tree.

Day four of Project 365, and I'm four for four! Will wonders never cease!

I wanted to get a few portrait attempts in this week, it's something I would like to have some preparation for before attempting to shoot our family friends. I'm sure they have limited expectations, and I appreciate that :)

My original idea for my shot today fell through. Let's just say four-year olds, blowing bubbles and bathtime makes for a very challenging shot! I could never quite get the framing and focus right since I had the camera on the gorillapod and I was firing with my wired remote. This was necessary since I was also blowing the bubbles at the time. Basically, a disaster.

So option two was a quiet shot at story time by the Christmas Tree. This is one of the last chances to shoot it anyhow since it will come down this weekend. It worked out much better.

Goodnight tree

I got the catchlights in her eyes that I was looking at, but her toothy grin isn't ideal. I also noticed after the shot that an ornament with her picture features rather prominently in the background. It's a bit distracting, but all in all, I like the picture.

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