Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing around on day 10.

Two pics today, the first was just the result of playing around with my wireless triggers.

I set the 580EX II on full power, tossed on an umbrella, grabbed the camera, used the timer and shot a self-portait with the backlight.


Kinda creepy, but hey, I was playing around. I was expecting more of a silhouette effect, but I guess there was a enough power in the flash that there was some reflection for a minor fill light effect. I figure that this is a rough approximation of the last thing you see before you die, are abducted by aliens, or are struck by lightning. Whichever.

My other shot was inspired by my wife's shopping today. She picked up some thread for her sewing machine, and there are always some nice textures in a factory-wound spool of thread. Don't blame me for the colour.

Pink Weave

It's another indoor macro shot, I can't wait for Spring.

I played around with the composition on this a lot, but never found a shot I liked better than this. It might have been better if the whole of both spools were in focus, but it was shot so close that I could get enough DOF. This was shot a f/16 and it still blurs out.

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