Thursday, January 7, 2010

More architecture at the office.

I liked yesterday's shot quite a bit, so I started looking around for more sights to see from my office window. There will be no walk-around today, however, given the -35ish wind chill.

Across the street is the old Winnipeg Free Press building, built right before the Great War, and now home to a variety of government offices. As I looked at it, I really liked the light catching some of the stone work around the central windows, and decided to shoot it.

Old Winnipeg Free Press building

It needed some rotation in post processing, and the sharpness from the kit lens leaves something to be desired, but I'm okay with this picture. Yesterday's was better, but I'm not embarrassed by this at all. The sandstone takes on some of the red of the rising sun and it also picks up the colour of the brick quite well.

Shot at f/8, 1/60th shutter, ISO 100.

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