Saturday, January 30, 2010

This post may cause paralysis...

Day 30 of my Project 365 and I was playing with lighting again.

Inspired by the legend of the Hand of Glory, a candle and/or candleholder made the from the hand of a hanged criminal. It was said to immobilize any who saw it lit. You've been warned.

Hand of Glory

If you can still move, please read on.

I shot this a few times and it was pretty frustrating honestly. You have to frame the shot, fix the focus, set up the lighting (or in my case the light blocking sheets of bristol board), turn out the lights and then do a ten second exposure while hoping you don't knock your models hand. This was my sixth or seventh snap and the best by far.

Things that didn't work the way I would have liked: Ideally I would have preferred to have a single, defined flame at each fingertip, but I could only get my wife to hold her hand still for so long, so this all had to be done in the aforementioned ten seconds. I would have preferred not to see the tip of the lighter in the shot, and I'm sure a more competent post processor could have removed them, but all of my attempts looked horrid.

Things that did work: The fingers are crisp and in-focus, and the soft candle-like light gave a bit of an eerie glow to the hand. My wife did a fine job of keeping her hand steady for this shot, and also she agreed to help in the first place!

Once again, a shot I like more than I dislike. I had an idea, and within a half hour or so, I had a shot that looked like I imagined.

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