Friday, January 15, 2010

One subject, two treatments.

Day 15, and I had a wonderful lily to shoot for my subject. I decided to experiment with lighting, backgrounds and composition, so I have two shots today.

The first was a low-key style, lower flash power, reflective black background and landscape orientation. This shot also went with a rule-of-thirds composition, placing the flower on the left third and 'facing' out into the open space.

Pink Lily - Low Key

For comparison, a portrait orientation, white background, a little more juice on the flash for a high-key treatment.

Pink Lily - High Key

The basic exposure of the flower is roughly the same in both shots, but both work for different reasons. I like the high-key more for the ephemeral quality and the brilliance of the colour, but the contrast in the low-key is pretty striking, and I think I like the composition better.

Two shots, and I like both!

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