Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yo Dawg, I heard you like strobes...

Day 27 and a new piece of gear arrived on the UPS truck today!

I have that family portrait shoot coming up next week, and I decided I wanted a little more oomph from my fill light than I was getting with the little 32 Ws one, so I ordered a LumoPro LP120 manual flash, which comes highly recommended from Strobist and quite a few other off-camera flash resources.

This is strictly a manual flash, no TTL, no focus assist lamps, nothing fancy, but a decently powerful hotshoe flash that has a variety of ways to trigger it: on-camera, PC cord, optical slave or miniphone jack. Supremely useful little lights to use, especially off-camera.

So, since I had a new toy, I have to shoot it, right? I decided to fool around with a DIY construction paper snoot on my 580EX II to get a spotlight effect, and ended up with this:

Yo Dawg, I heard you like strobes...

One thing to not is that I do not have a seamless black background, and that it really noticeable in this shot. I have also misplaced the flash shoe that came with my 580EX II so in this shot, the flash is precariously balanced on whatever small black things I could find! :D

Not all that happy with this shot, but with the tools I had it at least looks close to what I imagined.

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