Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He'll destroy us all!

Day 20, and another day where my planned shot became something else.

My daughter has a set of colourful wood building blocks, and enjoys building and destroying towers with them. At first, I was just going to shoot a tower or two, and see if I could manage some interesting DOF effects.

The first shots were sort of bland, and I decided to add something else... Behold, Drakezilla!


'Drake' is what my daughter named one of our Crested Geckos, and the other is 'Duck'. Don't ask, I can't explain the three-year-old mind. Duck was featured in an earlier shot.

Got the DOF I wanted, although I brought the lighting down a little bit to avoid hurting Drake's eyes. Final shot settings were ISO 100, 1/200th, f/5.6 with the 580EX II on-camera at 1/16th power, and my little fill light above the lightbox at 36 Ws.

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