Thursday, January 14, 2010


-5 Celsius or so is incredibly warm for Winnipeg in January, so today was playing in the snow day again! It was fun to get out but tricky to keep my camera dry and snow-free, especially when my daughter decided to 'make snowstorms'. One more reason to invest in L lenses and weather-sealed camera bodies I guess.

It was afternoon though, and the light was failing so I had to keep my aperture wide-open to get anything remotely close to a fast enough shutter speed to freeze any action.

Here is my shot for Day 14:


This shot was at f/2.8, ISO 400 and 1/320th shutter on the 60mm Macro. f/1.8 or faster would have been even nicer, but a little blurring in the mittens is not too shabby.

I cropped this shot a bunch of times, but this is the nicest composition I could manage. A bit of rule-of-thirds with her body placed lower right, and she's looking into space with the flying snow all in-frame. I think I can only take a shot like this so far without quite a bit more post-processing, but I want to learn my camera and establish my shooting first.

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