Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She speaks with a forked tongue.

Day 5 of the Prject 365, and here I am again. I hope I can keep this up!

Today's photo plans started with a walk-around at lunch time. That had to be canceled when my workload simply wouldn't allow it. No trouble, plenty of time, right?

Plan two was to camp out at the bird feeder in our backyard after work. Twenty minutes in the snow later, and that plan was scrapped. Not one bird came out, and the shots of the empty feeder were rather lackluster at best. Well, I can always shoot in the house tonight, right?

Plan three, my reef aquarium! Lots of colourful fish, corals, etc... In the midst of adjusting the lighting, I blew the GFCI outlet and spent the rest of my spare moments before putting my daughter in the tub, trying to get the rather critical life support systems in the tank running again.

So, we get another macro shot today. I like shooting the macros, the textures are often interesting, and there are always nice colours, but shooting on the white background does tend to make rather clinical pictures. Having said that, I'll take any shot that I can get today!

She speaks with a forked tongue

This is Rio, my Brazilian Rainbow Boa. She's a beautiful snake and I'm rather proud of getting this shot off at all, as snakes are not fond of sitting on white nylon fabric with two flashes going off and no cover around. Getting the tongue out on the shot is a mini coup also, with a 1/200th second exposure, and the speed with which they flick and retract the tongue, it's pretty lucky. I'm happy with the exposure and depth of field as well.

These shots are also being done in manual mode now as well, with manual settings on the flash. It's one more step in my technical education, juggling the exposure triangle of ISO/aperture/shutter speed along with one variable flash and a fixed supplementary light.

This shot was taken at ISO 200, 1/200th shutter, f/7.1 with the 580EX II on manual at 1/8th power on-camera with the Stofen Omnibounce, and the Cameron 36 W/S optical slave firing opposite and above the camera, using a reflecting umbrella. I can't believe that I know what all that means!

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