Sunday, January 24, 2010


Weekends are somehow even harder to shoot on than weekdays since there is so much to do around the house, and with the kids. Even the evenings are full of laundry and housework. So, it's nice to have the lightbox and a variety of things to shoot for nights like this. Hopefully no-one else is sick of this!

So, day 24 is another lightbox shot. I really liked the high-key effect with the Lily from earlier in the week, so I wanted to reproduce it with another object.

Iron Butterfly

This metal butterfly (okay, I don't actually know if it's an iron butterfly or not) belonged to my wife's grandmother and she inherited it a few years ago. The blue-toned glass is a wonderful azure, and I really, really like it against the solid white background. The only downside is that the light from the flash (fired from above with the pocket wizards) toned the lower right part of the background, but it's not unreasonable.

I played with removing the 'stick' as well, but my wife liked it better as-is, so she won ;)

Flash fired from above at 1/4 power, ISO 100, 1/125th shutter at f/11.

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