Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let's give geckos a hand!

Day 31 and man was I just out of luck today. I thought today might break my 365 streak.

Pardon the elaboration of my household melodrama, but my delightful and lovely son is going through sleep training as of last night. 'Sleep training' is a nice way of saying 'cry it out' which is something my wife and I swore we would never do. Having said that, the boy was up an average of 6 times a night for the last two weeks, and at six months old, that's not a good thing. He needs to learn to sleep.

So, I'm exhausted, so is my wife. Family dinner, grumpy older kid, loads of errands, you name it, it was a rough Sunday and I just want to sleep. In my heart, though, I know that 'The Project' must go on!

In this sort of scenario though, I am very lucky. I have a macro lens, a love of macro photography, a good flash, and some amazing critters living in my house. I give you one of natures most fascinating structures, the Gecko's sticky hands!

Give geckos a hand!

These pads are covered with countless little hairs that are so small, they actually form magnetic bonds between the electrons of nearby molecules! They really are nifty, and they have an amusing tendency to want to climb on my wife's face.

Shot at 1/60th, f/8, ISO 200, 580EX II on-camera, angled up 75 degrees, 1/2 power with the Omnibounce. Shot through plate glass, and the Omnibounce seems to really, really help with reflections.

I just noticed that I shot back to back hand pictures...

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