Monday, January 18, 2010

Making a splash!

Day 17 of Project 365.

Today I took inspiration from another local photographer and her shot of a water drop on a CD. My original plan was to try and duplicate it, but with a little variation.

I used a DVD instead of a CD, but my first few shots showed a lack of colour variation in the DVD. Instead of switching to a CD I decided to run with it and tried to catch a splash.

I took a few dozen snaps, wore out a set of batteries in my flash, but I got a decent one:

DVD Splash

I blew the focus on this, if you notice the sharp drops in front of the splash it's obvious. Having said that, the leading edge of the splash is respectably in focus, and the bokeh is not hideous. It was the best splash I captured by far.

ISO 200, f/20 at 1/200th shutter. Manual flash settings at 1/2 power, on-camera.

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