Friday, January 22, 2010

A brief post, but some good news!

For day 22, I was a bit rushed with friends on the way over, and no picture taken during the day. So, I grabbed some of my wife's home-made biscotti, threw it in the lightbox and tried to make something pretty.

The United Colours of Biscotti

Kinda meh, but I'm out of time for today. Two bits of good news though! This picture was taken with my new Pocketwizards Plus II Transceivers, which I ordered to replace the iffy Korean knockoffs that I had before. They happened to go on sale the week they arrived too, so my out of pocket was reduced by $100.

The bigger news is that the picture I took for this day is going to be used in an article by American Express Publishing. Just a web article, and it's not exactly paying me anything but I guess this means that one of my pictures is going to be published! Whooo!

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