Monday, May 24, 2010

Back off my back!

Day 138 and I can walk!

Today, when I woke up, the clouds outside were just amazing. I don't think I've ever seen clouds like this before in my life. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. The last one includes the roofline of a house up the street to give a little more sense of depth:

Crazy Clouds #1

Crazy Clouds #2

Crazy Clouds #3

I have no idea what these cloud formations are called, but I love 'em.

Anyhow, the original plan for shooting today was to head up to Lockport, Manitoba and the Half Moon for fries and ice cream, and a walk down to the locks to see the Pelicans. Lockport has a resident population of a hundred or so White Pelicans that hang around near the Half Moon and feast on the fish that get trapped by the locks. Unfortunately, they all hang out on the far side of the river and even at 200mm I couldn't get a keeper of a shot.

As I got home, I decided to camp out at the backyard bird feeder again. I liked my cloud pictures but I wanted one more for my first day back. I didn't see any new birds, but I did see a Grackle with an attitude.


Look at that guy strut. He's got it goin' on... Oh yeah...

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  1. Yes, he totally has a strut. I love that photo :)