Monday, May 10, 2010

Splish, splash, splosh...

Walking down to the mailbox to get the days pile of glossy advertisements can turn into a nautical adventure when you are four years old. It also turns into a photo opportunity for Dad, although trying to keep her out of traffic while keeping the camera dry and carrying three packages was a bit of a joy.

Once again, I was working on trying to improve my post processing, so there is a few different filters and effects applied. I wanted to keep the mood in the cloudy-and-rainy realm while still making some colours pop.

Here are the two shots I kept today:

Splashing Day - #1

Splashing Day - #2

These were both shot at ISO 200 and f/3.2 to bring up the shutter speed a bit. I wanted any splashes to be well frozen, but lighting was a bit challenging. These were taken at 1/400th and 1/500th respectively.

On a side note, I returned the 70-200 f/4 today, and my search for an f/2.8 IS might have turned up a winner in Toronto. We'll see what happens...

As always, thanks for reading. Comments and criticism are welcome!

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