Monday, May 17, 2010

Sprout in the sky...

Day 135 and it's just amazingly gorgeous outside.

My daughter and I took a stroll down to the park to see what sorts of birds were out, but small kids are not exactly adept at stalking down flighty waterfowl. I didn't really mind as the walk was great, and we had fun.

There were still some nice shots to take, and I ended up just enjoying the blue skies and the signs of new spring growth. Here's my favourite of the afternoon:

Sprout in the Sky

I found a Canon TC 1.4x II extender this week as well and I am anxiously awaiting it's delivery. The 200mm is decent, but a little extra reach sure won't hurt with my attempts to shoot songbirds. I know you lose a little clarity, and a full stop of aperture, but it should be a benefit overall if I can reduce the amount of cropping I need for those distant shots.

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