Monday, May 3, 2010

Guess how much I love him?

Well, looks like I missed another day. Day 122 was spent at the Children's ER with some post-surgical issues. On the plus side, a change in antibiotics seems to be helping him, and things look better today.

So, given the circumstances, I hope you don't mind if make today's picture another dedication to my little trooper:

Guess How Much I Love You

The ring/shadow/book/heart thing is a cliche photo, sure, but this shot with his baby book felt like the right subject for me today. Here's hoping the rest of the recovery is smoother. If you want to try this shot, it's easy to do with somewhat careful placement of the ring on the book, and one speedlight either snooted or zoomed to throw a hard shadow. It's an easy effect to do once you know how!

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