Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rainbow rollup...

Well, day 132 wasn't a great day. I tried a few ideas for shots, but none of them really worked out... I have an ambitious project in mind and I did some preliminary tests for it as well, but the results were not particularly encouraging either.

So, when in doubt, go for lots of colour:

Rainbow Rollup

Construction paper, as any parent of a young child knows, is indispensable. I wanted to shoot down the tube and get the spiral, but lighting it proved to be near impossible, and there wasn't a way to get enough depth of field to get the effect I wanted, so I had to compose it this way. Here's hoping for a better shot tomorrow.

On a side note, I will hopefully be managing a trip up to Gimli, MB on Sunday to shoot a motorcycle race involving my friend's racing team, the same one featured in these shots. I'll try and do some panning shots, and give the new 70-200 a workout.

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