Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer on a dessert plate...

Day 134 of my Project 365, and 2-for-1 quarts of strawberries at Safeway meant that there could be no doubt about dessert tonight.

Yeah, it's summer...

Oh yeah, it's summer alright.

So, let's talk about the picture. I didn't want a blown background again, I think it makes the pictures a little to clinical, and I'm trying to work on adding depth and character to my 'object' shots. I specifically went white background though as I do like the brightness. The gradient of white to gray is nice, and I think I'll continue to work on that in future.

Composition was another point. Reading about food photography I tried a tip that I had read a few times, and now I notice everywhere. You don't just shoot the food, but add some related items around it to provide a little more interest, in this case the strawberries. It's simple but it does seem to help, and if I have more time to set up the shot next time I'll be sure to add more to it.

For now though, I'm gonna eat it :)

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